Song of the Day: You Were Never There - Diego Garcia

You Were Never There

I heard this on World Cafe on the way in today. It really is a beautiful song. I think you'll love it.

Garcia's song title and lyrics led me to think of how difficult it is to be in the present moment.

When you brush your teeth in the morning aren't you thinking of everything that has to be done that day? And then, when you're at work, aren't you thinking about lunch, or of all the things you'll do once the work day is over? When you're in the middle of the most banal meeting in history, aren't you thinking about that someone and wondering why they haven't voxed you back? 

Next time you're at the park or fast food place, look at the people sitting together, all bent over thier phones. Alone together is the new catch phrase for the age of the iPhone.

What I know is that I never want to be accused, by people I care about, that I was never there for them. Showing up and being in the moment with someone you love, in the moment they need your full attention, is probably the kindest gift any of us will ever have the opportunity to give.

Sometimes, we have to give better than we get. Even though the girl in the song wasn't there for him, he still sang to her.

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