Song of the Day: Same Mistakes - The Echo Friendly

The Echo Friendly from 32ft/second
Same Mistakes

Again, HBO's series Girls is where I first heard this song, and of the The Echo Friendly band comprised of Jake Rabinbach and Shannon Esper, the on and off again duo from Memphis/Brooklyn .

The show is funny and sad, and I find myself cringing for my former twenty-something self as I watch these girls navigate the realm of work, relationship, identity.

If I could go back and take my younger self out for coffee and advice, this is what I'd tell her:

1.   Say No. A lot. Don't feel guilty.
2.   Don't try to please everyone.
3.   Yellow is not your color.
4.   Move. Out. Of. State.
5.   Eating too much soy can mess up a perfectly fine metabolism. Seriously.
6.   Never, ever dye your hair blond.
7.   I love you sometimes means something very different.
8.   Stay away from caviar, organ foods, or anything buried in the ground and touted as a delicacy.
9.   Don't listen to any voice other than your own.
10. Travel now.
11. Vintage stores are your friend.
12. Nice boys may make boring boyfriends, but they make great husbands and fathers.
13. Diet is the original four-letter-word.
14. There is no excuse for keeping a frenemy around.
15. Do not change your major.
16. Get a picture of yourself in that red bikini.
17. Stop feeling bad about trying to lead when you slow dance.
18. Never date or marry a man with an addiction. Trust me on this.
19. Instead of buying designer shoes, put that money in a savings account.
20. Don't trust anyone who says they don't read.
21. It's going to be okay. It really is.

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