Song of the Day - Modern Art - The Black Lips

Modern Art

It was Memorial Day yesterday, so it's a song from Girls on Tuesday rather than Monday.

I chose this song because it reminded me of vintage Pogues. I am not a huge punk fan, in case you're wondering. A little goes a long way for me.

What does Hannah want? That is the subtext of each episode. Also, who and what will she become?

Adam stole the show in this penultimate episode. His character has its rough spots, which make him so appealing, but he's coming into full view and I like him. I still wouldn't want my daughter to date him, though.

That Hannah has never seen Adam outside of his apartment, or with a shirt on, says more about her than him.

What we know for certain is that we don't know Hannah any more than she knows herself.

All of the characters are busy trying on identities, flinging off the ill-fitting or identities like last season's clothes from the back of the closet. All of the characters are at the crossroads of who they will chose to become. Hannah had to accept that there is a story other than hers, if she'd only take the time to ask. Jessa stepped back from her default as mid-life snack. Marnie got served a slice of I'm not bragging bitter pie. Shoshanna, well, she's got to get herself some street smarts.

I love these girls. And, I am so very grateful that my twenty-something ship has already sailed.

You'll want to check out Oh Land's White Nights music, and the video is not to be missed. In fact, why not check out all of the music featured on the Welcome to Bushwick episode.

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