Artist of the Day: Team Darwin - Kelly Puissegur

Team Darwin  Kelly Puissegur's  retrowhale

Artist Bio:My drawings are little appreciations for found objects, plants, animals, people who inspire me, family, music, shapes, textures, and whatever else pops into my head. I change mediums frequently because I get bored easily, but my work generally maintains a childlike, playful quality. My goal is to make affordable art that people can appreciate or relate to in some way. Visit my website  for more information, and some fun animated videos of my work.
I love retrowhale's artwork.

You may be interested in  Darwin's Finches performing God is Smiling, (which, if you think about it is a very funny title considering the nod to Charles Darwin and The Origin of the Species).

Surprisingly, Darwin is still a controversial figure.  Creation is a brilliant, heart-rending film that portrays Darwin as a man, struggling with his own beliefs and pain, a man at the center of the intellectual and spiritual struggles of the period.

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