Artist of the Day: - Winding Road with Yellow Lines - Carla Dyck

Winding Road with Yellow Lines
Carla Dyck carladyck

Artist Bio: My name is Carla and I am a fine art photographer. I love beauty. Finding it in the ordinary is always sweet and often abundant. In order to find it, I need open eyes and a softened heart. My work tends to have a source of strength, usually linear, a sense of simplicity, often in the number of colours present, and invariably a little bit of chaos. This is life. My strength is my faith. My simplicity is my lifestyle. My chaos is life's twists and turns.
I suppose this photograph could be a metaphor for the journey inward, twists and turns in life, or the long road ahead.

But sometimes, a road is just a road.

I can almost feel the wind on my face looking at Winnepeg, Canada based Carla Dyck's photograph. Only a few more weeks and I'm on the road, music blaring, no worries.

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