Song of the Day - Do You Remember - Ane Brun

Ann Brun performed in the State Room, in my city of salt earlier this month. I missed it. I'm certain she'll be back, soon, so I will plan on it no matter what else is going on. According to the description on YouTube, Brun's video is the first chapter of a short film from the album It all starts with One.

I love how this video examines the nature of  memory, what we choose to remember, and how we choose to remember. Also, how, regardless of our chronological age, we are all the people we ever were. I believe we can access all of our former selves. All we have to do is knock on the door and asked for entry.

I like to think of memory as a house, a large red Victorian Painted Lady, with separate rooms for clusters of related memory or for specific memories. The sitting room with the three large bay windows is the room of childhood. Up the stairs and to the left in the small closet of a room, is my first marriage and divorce. Almost all of my happiest memories are free to wander the house, but they really like to hang out in the kitchen. In the small locked room under the stairs in the dank basement is where all the unspeakables sit on their wobbly chairs. Maybe it's time to let them air out and turn transparent in the sunshine.

What does your memory house look like? And in which rooms do your memories reside?

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