Artist of the Day: Ninny Boxes - Lynn Whipple

Lynn Whipple

Lynn Whipple

I've been following Lynn Whipple's work ever since I came across her art in a magazine years ago. Again, she is a contemporary artist that has had tremendous influence on my own work.

I am deeply grateful to live my life as an artist.
Play and discovery are my dearest and most constant companions. white type white type white type There are a zillion tiny challenges in each art making experience, and white type white type white type so often I find, just as many small, sweet victories. Without a doubt, white type white type white type living creatively is the most enjoyable and satisfying game I know.

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Libyan Poets

from The Poetry Foundation's Libya: Don't Look Away by Forrest Gander

Khaled Mattawa

Look here, Marcus Aurelius, we’ve come to see
your temple, deluded the guards, crawled through a hole
in the fence. Why your descendent, my guide and friend
has opted for secrecy, I don’t know. But I do know
what to call the Africans, passport-less, yellow-eyed
who will ride the boat before me for Naples, they hope.
Here the sea curls its granite lip at them and flings a winter
storm like a cough, or the seadog drops them at Hannibal’s
shores, where they’ll stand stupefied like his elephants.
What dimension of time will they cross as the Hours loop
tight plastic ropes round their ankles and wrists?
What siren song will the trucks shipping them back
to Ouagadougou drone into their ears? I look at them
loitering, waiting for the second act of their darkness
to fall. I look at the sky shake her dicey fists.
One can be thankful, I suppose, for not being one of them,
and wrap the fabric of that thought around oneself
to keep the cold wind at bay. But what world is this
that makes our lives sufficient even as the horizon’s rope
is about to snap, while the sea and sky ache to become
a moment to peel itself like skin off fruit, and let us in
on its sweetness as we wait, smoking or fondling provisions,
listening to the engine’s invocational purr. In an hour
that will dawn and dusk at once, one that will stretch
into days strung like beads on the horizon’s throat,
they will ride their tormented ship as the dog star
begins to float on the water, so bright and still,
you’d want to scoop it out in the palm of your hand.

A situation 2
Ashur Atwebi

He likes to sit
as a respected master in the royal room
with his long hat and give orders.
The head of security, trying to tune himself to the royal room,
moves his head and slaps his thigh with his hand
so people can see him.
The Aud player wears a long dress.
She can open her legs in the royal room.
B minor.
The Aud player strokes invisible strings
unaware that her daughter spit blood this morning,
that her husband stays awake reciting his rosary.
in the royal room.
Everything is permitted to the master
and to the head of security who moves his head
and slaps his thigh with his hand so people can see him.
In the royal room,
a dead girl & her husband suffocated with his wooden rosary.
The silver ring on the delicate finger
suggests what heavy henna
on the back of the hand doesn’t reveal.
The tattoo on the forehead,
points from a hidden corner
to a sleepy pink flower
in the palm of the hand.
It is not bothered by:
sparkling of silver,
by Berber carvings,
the narrowness of the stony window
or by the shy macula of light
on the young Berber girl’s body.

Simple questions

Are these birds or caravans
swimming through the air?
Neither the blueness nor those seated on beds in warm rooms will say.
Are these houses in a mirage or Bedouins
fleeing from ancient winds?
The sand and foxes alert for centuries will follow their trails.
Are these shadows of a city or a quavering flute?
A scene and visions emerge from its darkness.

The Coffee Project - February 9-23, 2011

February 23, 2011.

February 22, 2011.

February 21, 2011.

Afternoon coffee.

February 20, 2011.

February 19, 2011.

February 18, 2011.

February 16, 2011.

February 15, 2011.

February 14, 2011. Valentine's.

February 11, 2011.

February 10, 2011.

February 9, 2011.

Artist of the Day: Black Dog Yellow Truck - Jill Mayberg

Black Dog Yellow Truck - Jill Mayberg blog

I've been a fan of Jill Mayberg's expressive paintings ever since I discovered her site on etsy. I just received an email from Meyer Gallery of Park City, that they have added Jill Mayberg to the artists the gallery represents. I can't wait to take a quick trip to see her paintings in real time.

Hello, I am a mixed media artist living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a love of animals, color, music, nature, food, cityscapes and other peoples art. Most days I roll out of bed, walk Morton my fabulous dog by the Columbia River, grab a latte, after which I am hopefully well fueled to head into the studio and get some paintings painted. My current work is inspired by patterns, polka dots, sweet edibles, water, Kandinsky, aboriginal art, Louise Bourgeois and images that cross my daily path.

My work and ideas have evolved over the years from a confluence of traditions such as primitive folk art, expressionism, and abstract modernism, which is expressed in my colorful and eclectic paintings.I sell my art full time and can be seen at art festivals across the country.
from blog & etsy

Artist of the Day: Brush Your Teeth and Never Shave Above the Knees - Jenny Mendes

Brush Your Teeth and Never Shave Your Legs Above the Knees - Jenny Mendes

Great advice. Ever since I first saw her ceramic sculptures in a magazine, I have been a rabid fan of Jenny Mendes. She has since expanded her oeuvre to prints and wall tile paintings. Although we work in different mediums, she has had a tremendous influence on my own work. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see one of her ceramic sculptures.

For more about Mendes, check out her etsy site and her blog links above. I've included her bio below.

I am a full time studio artist, living and working in Chesterland Ohio. I received a BFA from Washington University.

All of my ceramic work is one of a kind handbuilt and individually painted by me.

I display and sell my work through fine art and fine craft galleries and fine art and craft shows.
from etsy

Green Horse - Jenny Mendes

Artist of the Day: Delicate But Strong - Margaret Oomen

delicate but strong #1 - Margaret Oomen

I love extremes, probably because either I'm all in, or I'm all the way out.

I found Margaret Oomen's intriguing photographs on a stress break earlier this morning, (I turn to etsy as a stress reliever - all I have to do to shake whatever emotion has me in its grips off, is to click on this site in between classes and everything is good and right with the world again). Delicate seems the complete opposite of strong, but not when you consider the lethal power of a spider's silk-woven web. Her crochet wrapped rocks and assemblages are absolutely charming. For more images and info. about Oomen click on her name below.

Margaret Oomen, a rural physician and textile artist, has been a gatherer and maker of things for as far back as she can remember. Aside from a spinning and printmaking class, she is completely self-taught. She draws her inspiration from her treasure- hunting family especially her father a mathematician and electrical engineer, her scientific (biochemistry and synthetic organic chemistry) and medical backgrounds, and her great respect and love of the natural world. Her work can be found at She lives in Ontario with her husband, four children, three cats and a snail named fern. from etsy bio

You just have to love an artist with a snail named Fern.

Egyptian Poets

It is official as of today: it's end of Egypt as we've known her in our own lifetime. We, the living are witness to history and as such will continue to watch as the country gets its new bearings.

As usual, poets are the visionaries. I've posted examples from ancient to contemporary times.

Suzy Kassem

Rise up!

Rise up and salute the sun!

Rise up and
Synergize as

And division there shall be none.


And division there shall be none.

Wise up.

Wise up and salute the sun!

So what is right will always be won -

So what is wrong will be never be


So what is wrong will never be done.
So justice will always be won.

Rise up!

Wise up and salute the sun!

Because what is
Can never
Be undone,
And what is churning
Has already been spun.
The lies are distorting the sum.
And they're quickly earning
The minds of our young.

Rise Up!

Wise up and
Vibrate knowledge and peace
Throughout the streets -

Spread light to replace all
The hatred
And ignorance in the world -
With Truth,
And amplified

Rise up!
Rise up and salute the sun.
Get wise and
Join lights as ONE.

The journey has just begun.


has just begun.

So wise up!

Wise up and free all your minds.

Rise up and stand up
For all

Put on your gold crowns,
And rise and SHINE!

Because the sun symbolizes
What's lit inside.

Frees us and gives
Us eyes.

It's what heals us and gives us life.

It's also the symbol of the most high --
The light
In all its might!

Rise up and salute the sun!

Wise up because the hour
And they've already sent us
More than one drum!

Hurry up!

Before the last chime

Before the TIME IS UP!

Rise up before they kill our dove!
Wise up and
Fight with



Rise up and salute the sun.
Rise up and salute the sun!

Over three thousand years ago an Egyptian once wrote;

Its fields are full of good things and it has provision for every day
Its granaries overflow, they reach the sky.
Its ponds are full of fishes and its lakes of birds.
Its fields are green with grass and its banks bear dates.
He who lives there is happy,
And the poor man is like the great elsewhere.

What more could be said!

The Coffee Project - January 26 - February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011. A different shirt. What?

February 6, 2011. A new week. A new shirt!

February 4, 2011. Orange shirt #4.

February 3, 2011. Orange shirt #3.

February 2, 2011. Orange shirt #2.

February 1, 2011. Orange shirt #1.

January 31, 2011. Red shirt #5.

January 30, 2011. Red shirt #4.

January 29, 2011. Red shirt #3.

January 27, 2011. Red shirt #2 disguised by sweatshirt.

January 26, 2011. Red shirt #1.

Sundance Film Festival - Evening Photos

Sundance Film Festival: Basin Recreational Field house - Kimball Junction.

The Egyptian Theatre - Main Street Park City.

Main Street Night scape.

Penultimate day of Sundance.

Baby Girl at Sundance.

Awards After Party.

Awards After Party Tinsel Gauntlet Room.

Awards After Party.

Main Street city lights.

View from the Transit Station.