Artist of the Day: The Franklin - White Faux Taxidermy

The Franklin  whitefauxtaxidermy

Artist Bio: Our love for animals, chic and trendy design, and all things white gave birth to "White Faux Taxidermy." White Faux Taxidermy is inspired by resin cast animals, however, we work with a variety of materials. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.
Lions, tigers, and bears should be the theme song for this etsy shop. It also features elephants, wolves, moose, and deer.

I am inexplicably drawn to this faux gold stag bust.

Perhaps it's because it reminds me of Scythian gold work, perhaps because the artisan is from my home state, or maybe it's just because I can imagine it in my guest bathroom.

I am not a big fan of animal heads hanging in my house, especially if the specimens once breathed. My husband is though. That is a story best not told is all I'm saying.

I had a hard time deciding if I preferred The Franklin gold stag, or The Alexandra pink stag. Right at this moment, it is the gold stag, hands down.

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