Artist of the Day: Grey Agate, Freeform Chrysoprase, & Pyrite Necklace - Theresa Cowan

Grey Agate, Freeform Chrysoprase, & Pyrite Necklace Theresa Cowan minerolgydesign
Artist Bio: Mineralogy is a collection of limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry designed and handcrafted by Chicago local, Theresa Cowan. Inspired by an earth science class lecture on minerals, Cowan began her creations. Mineral specimens are the focal point of the intricate collection. Each piece is made impressionistically with the experimentation with materials as the base of the design process. Cowan looks to enhance what nature has left and other times, chooses to let the object stand alone as a fortification of its natural state. The majority of minerals used are uncut and unpolished to display their unique characteristics. Cowan also assimilates the use of obscure elements in her jewelry, such as animal bones and prehistoric animal teeth, some dating back to 2 million years ago. The styles are produced in limited quantities, with each individual piece unique in its own aspects due to nature's wonderful aberrations.

If I could, I'd purchase every single piece of Chicago-based jeweler Theresa Cowan's collection.

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