Artist of the Day - Queen Beth - Kate O'brien

Queen Beth
Kate O'brien kateobriencreative

This image was produced in 2008 in my studio with the striking model, Beth. The image plays on the notion the female of the species is supposed to be soft and demure, however most of the notable women in history were anything but!

Artist Bio:
I am an Australian professional photographer and stylist who is always on the look out for interesting items to include in my creative portraiture. When you purchase a print from me, consider yourself a benevolent benefactor: - Your kindness helps me fund new shoots!
My first thought was Cindy Sherman when I sawBrisbane, Australia based Kate O'brien's photos, until I read that she posed models for her striking photographs. She may not be using herself to tell the story, but the stories she tells are powerful. Be sure to check out her website.

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