Land of Deseret: Ring of Fire

My original Ring of Fire annular eclipse-viewing plan was to sit out on my deck and drink a watermelon jalapeno cocktail listening to Johnny Cash. Instead, I ended up sitting in a Mormon church for a program put on by the Relief Society to honor women of all ages.

I went because my mother asked me to. I also went, because I mistakenly thought that my mother  was being honored. Turns out she had a small cameo in a video that featured a variety of women walking around a garden with a bearded man dressed as Jesus.

The video played on a loop after the program while everyone qued up to claim one of twenty-nine varieties of cupcakes. I enjoyed a blackberry filled cupcake topped with lavendar frosting and a fresh, juicy blackberry.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

At coffee earlier that morning, my father and I were talking about the location of the filming and my mother's part in the In The Garden video. Here's the amended, sans high-voltage decible laughter and uncontrolled table slapping, version of the conversation:

Dad: I dropped your mom off at Grace's and waited for forty-five minutes, and then I looked up and here comes Jesus Christ across the lawn.

Me:  simultanesouly swallow and spurt coffee

Uncle: Mrs. Price? What was she doing there?

Dad: No, Jesus Christ.

Uncle: Jesus Christ?

Dad: Yes! Jesus Christ! The Lord!

Me:  laugh snort coffee up my nose

Prior to leaving for the evening program, I had a little talk with myself in the mirror. Why?  Because time spent in the church of my youth makes me regress to adolescence. No, I did not get out my iPhone and text, but I counted twenty grateful, five special, and fifteen blessing usages in one talk. I will admit I rolled my eyes at the one princesses usage. I, sir, am no princess!

To be fair, it was a lovely, well-organized affair. If there were any fellow malcontents, I didn't spot them.

I did a lot of nervous foot wagging waiting until one of the featured speakers finished his talk at exactly 7:28, then hurried outside to see the eclipse.

It was strange that the sky had darkened. The eclipse was visible through the clouds.

7:30: Eclipse observed from  Mormon church parking lot.

8:20: Observed from the same parking lot.

8: 23: The sun is a brilliant white metallic in appearance. 

8:30: Chasing the eclipse before it disappears below the horizon.

8:30: Going.

8:45: Gone.

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