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Boldo, A Gestural Drawing  Jeff Bravo nudelines
Artist Bio: It all started when I was 7 and I couldn't stop drawing newspaper comics. In my teen years I became addicted to comic book art and then later in art school I drew the human figure constantly. As my drawings matured I found myself attracted to an academic style similar to the drawings by Jean-Auguste Ingres. That style then morphed into a more energetic one using abstracted bold gestures to communicate my vision reminiscent of the drawings of Matisse. I always work from a live model and that gives all my drawings authenticity. This portfolio mixes organic lines of the female torso with a balanced negative space. I use either charcoal pencil or sumi ink and then scan these originals so I can add color to them using my computer. After some manipulation, I print the drawings on archival matte paper so they will last for generations. You can visit my studio website to see more of my work:
I can't say that Boldo is my favorite of Jeff Bravo's portfolio, (Simple is), but it is the drawing that spoke the  loudest. I love that Ingres is an influence for this artist.

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