Poem Therapy at 2:37 P.M. May 29, 2012: Frozen - Natasha Head

I have seen a life laid to waste,
in the name of pure stubbornness,
in the absolute definition of denial.

I see my own life.
Caught up on the same rails,
charging full steam ahead,
to a tunnel where no light shines.

The gates of experience fly by.
Still frames of adventures
I have excused myself from
for reasons, for selfishness.

Vanity . . . shame.
The double yellow line,
solid and illuminated,
laughs as I attempt to find the nerve.

To dare cross.

Throwing up walls of resistance
as the hourglass bleeds
grains of sand I can't afford.

I have seen a lifetime
laid to waste,
and in its shadow,
I have seen my own.


Dear Natasha,

After reading this, I am certain that you googled my home address, flew all the way from Nova Scotia to Utah, found the secret hiding place for the house key, unlocked the door and entered my home, heading straight for the journal I keep on the nightstand by my bed.


P.S. I have since changed the locks.

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