Artist of the Day: Le Tetenus - Caroline Mays

Le Tetenus
Caroline Mays vealkutlets

This illustration comes from a story poem about an old barn where "Tetenus spins like filthy ballerinas on the tips of rusty nails."

Artist Bio: My drawings and etchings are mostly based on short stories and little narrative poems that I write. I grew up in Louisiana, and am intrigued by the old and swampy. I am an educator, teaching students the glorious freedoms of a shitty first draft. A hand-pulled print is an original work of art. Owning original art is a super cool thing to do in our culture of outsourced, manufactured, homogenized goods. Etching, in a nut shell, involves using copper, sharp tools, acid, and chemicals to make art.

Seattle-based artist Caroline models her prints in the most amusing guises. I think the photographs are as engaging as the artwork. You will have to click on her site's link to see the artwork she is displaying and see for yourself.

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