Memorial Day 2012 Photo Essay

The Memorial Day weekend began with the annual air show hosted by Hill Air Force Base. I had never been on base before and I felt very much out of my element.

I really had no idea how much like a city the base is, with parks, residential housing and fast food restaurants. Seeing all the men and women in uniform reminded me how grateful I am to those who serve and have served, and for their continued service. And for the sacrifices the rest of us don't have to shoulder and know next to nothing about.

Also, being on base made war an undeniable reality.

Over the years I have seen and heard the jets and cargo planes as they pass overheard, but have never seen them up close. I've always thought of the enormous planes as whales. What you can't tell from the photos here, is that the cargo plane is unbelievably huge, at 174 ft is sixty-six feet longer than a blue whale.

The Memorial Day weekend concluded with a visit to the cemetery, followed by a reunion with family, some who travelled from as far as Germany to be here.

I thought it appropriate to post a few headstones of relatives that served in wars from the Mexican War to WWI.

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