Song of the Day: Montezuma - Fleet Foxes

It's Monday, so it's a song from Girls. I love this show.

I've heard Montezuma a few times. I remembered remembering I didn't like it very much when the credits were rolling, but then I gave the song a second listening early this morning, then read the lyrics. Third time's a charm. I am now a fan of the song, and of the Fleet Foxes.

Last night's episode was really a variation on the theme that you cannot go home again.

My daughter, her boyfriend and I watch Girls. They are not yet 21. I am so past 21. 

Lena Durham as Hanna from Tampa Bay Times

I talk to the show while I'm watching. Basically, what I say is,  No, and Don't do it, Hannah.

Hannah is so young. I want to protect her from herself half the time, can't wait to see what awkward, strangely enlightening or humiliating scenario is next, the other half.

The scene with the pharmacist illustrated just how young and clueless, how earnest she is in her search for the map that will help her navigate her future. She is trying so hard to be herself, find her voice, but she is still just so eager to please.

The parents were more fully-rounded and vulnerable in this episode than when we first met them. I am certain there were many, many young mouths dropping open in shock and alarm to learn that parents still make the animal with two back. Or that some even fall out of the shower doing so.
Adam Sackler as Adam from Huffington Post

Adam. Well, he is a fantastic, brilliant character and I love him, for all the right reasons. The last scene with Hannah out on the lawn under the Michigan stars talking to this man who treats her heart like monkey meat, about what's happening outside his New York window, is where I think the show hits its stride.

Adam is not a villain. He is a horrible boyfriend. To be fair, he's just a guy that isn't that in to Hannah.

If he were my daughter's boyfriend, I would own multiple voodoo dolls all named Adam.

Adam is not the guy you want to marry. He's not a keeper. But, all of us need an Adam as a counterpoint to appreciate that someone out on the horizon. 
I included some very interesting conversations about last night's episode.

Check out the meaning of Fleet Foxes' lyrics. How does it relate to you?
So now I am older,
Than my mother and father,
When they had their daughter,
Now what does that say about me.
Oh how could I dream of,
Such a selfless and true love,
Could I wash my hands of?
Just lookin out for me

Oh man what I used to be
Oh man oh my oh me
Oh man what I used to be
Oh man oh my oh me
In dirth or in excess
Both the slave and the empress,
Will return to the dirt I guess,
Naked as when they came.
I wonder if I'll see,
Any faces above me,
Or just cracks in the ceiling,
Nobody else to blame.

Oh man what I used to be,
Oh man oh my oh me
Oh man what I used to be
Oh man oh my oh me

Gold teeth and gold jewelry
Every piece of your dowry
Throw them into the tomb with me
Bury them with my name.
Unless I have someday,
Ran my wandering
In my underway

Oh man what I used to be
Montezuma to tripoli
Oh man oh my oh me

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