Artist of the Day: Yellow VW Bus - Mike Ryan

Yellow VW Bus  Mike Ryan rynoprints

Artist Bio:Mike Ryan is known by many as "Ryno," His journey as an artist began at a young age drawing animals and cartoons. Originally from Burnsville, Minnesota, Ryno moved out West to study Art, Theatre and Film at Montana State University. Ryno now lives in Bozeman, Montana.
Ryno's latest series is a nostalgic look at the past, inspired by the vibrant colors, fine craftsmanship and intricate detail of classic cars and trucks. Using a painterly approach Ryno portrays each vehicle's personality.
I've been in a little funk, the itch you can't scratch kind, feeling cooped up, and closed in. Even with the sunshine of late. Feels like I've been under the influence of constrained and contained.

When I came across this painting by Bozeman, Montana artist Mike Ryan, I felt a little jolt of recognition and knew exactly what I needed to remedy my post winter - pre summer stir crazy itch.

I need a road trip!

I want this car. It's a yellow freedom bus with my summer written all over it. It's a symbol of freedom, of no worries, of windows rolled down and hair fluttering.

Can't you just see yourself rambling across the highways of America? I can.

I'd name it either Floyd or Canary Jane.

Which do you like best?

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