Artist of the Day: Floating is More Pleasurable Without Socks and Shoes - Lisa Kaser

 Floating is More Pleasureable Without Socks and Shoes  Lisa Kaser

Alice found herself floating above Wichita Falls after coming to the realization that holding onto little pet peeves, grudges and resentments only served to weigh her down. Letting go granted her a liberating buoyancy... allowing her to enjoy the view and let her Buster Brown anklets and saucy red oxfords to just slip off and disappear down through the clouds.

Artist Bio:I was born in Portland, Oregon to a Canadian farmer's daughter and a local gentleman who liked to paint and draw cartoons. When I neared the age of independence, my father cried, "don't follow the path of the artist, you will surely starve!". That was all the incentive I needed, and I have lived the life of a happy creative for 26 years. More of my work in sculpture, textiles and painting can be seen on my website:
I looked at all 221 illustrations on Portland, Oregon artist Lisa Kaser's site, and kept coming back to this one. There were so many I was drawn to. It was hard to choose just one.

I love the whimsy and charm of her array of strange and wonderful characters. I love them! I've spent so much time with them tonight, I feel like I know them. The title of each illustration provokes a smile, and the stories that accompany each illustration are engaging, and charming, and delightful, and, and , and...

You are going to enjoy yourself looking at her art.

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