Artist of the Day: True Story - Vincent Salerno

True Story Vincent Salerno vincentsalernoart 

Artist Bio: I really basically love the raw and uncensored freedom my journal allows me, and in that spirit always had a love and lust for the free & expressive nature of the art alive on the streets of NYC' s East Village. 100% creative adrenaline in its purest form found everywhere from concrete walls to the skin of walker byers! I am drawn to the imperfect. I am attracted to headlines, and controversy! I flirt with the ironic, hilarious, and outrageous! All this mixed with multiple layers of media is sure to turn any white wall into your very own conversation piece. I share my personal journey with a pop sensibility for amusement, and identify with my audience - because we all have a story. The words of our past, present, and future define each of us as characters in the days of our lives'. Chaos is now not only on the pages of my journal, but for me to share- as there isn't anything I enjoy more than living and creating art reflective of the signs of "our" time. And I love using a sharpie to do it!!!!

New York artist Vincent Salerno's torn paper collages are speaking my language today.

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