Travel Photo Essay: Paris 2013 - Protest Outside of Notre Dame

We had just left the Shakespeare and Company bookstore and were circling back to Notre Dame when we saw close to twenty police vans racing up the street. And then we saw the crowds and heard the chanting. The French are known for staging protests, and while we were in Paris our bus had to be rerouted because of a protest staged at St. Michele, and we had heard of two other protests. This demonstration was in reaction to the passage of gay marriage. As we walked from the protest we saw a police boat heading up the Seine, apparently to arrest the two protesters suspended from the bridge. The day we left for home, a man took his life inside the cathedral in protest of the passage.

Shakespeare will have the final word on this: My bounty is as boundless as the sea,/ My love as deep; the more I give to thee/ The more I have, for both are infinite.

Travel Photo Essays: Paris 2013 - Crying in the Louvre

I am always moved when I visit museums or sacred spaces of any kind. No matter how I try to steel myself I tear up and cry when I stand before art or altars. The Louvre is overwhelming. The collections are vast. It would take months, perhaps years, to truly take in the art collections.

I hid out in a window well in one of the sculpture galleries as I composed myself, and took these photos of the glass pyramid and St. Germain.

We stayed until closing the first day, and then spent a few more hours the following day. If you have time for a quick lunch, the Louvre's Cafe serves the most delectable chevrè (goat cheese) quiche, AND an assortment of desserts. Here are a few photos from the multitude I took:

In front of Vigee Le Brun's Self-Portrait with her daughter Julie.

In front of the madhouse crowds amassed in front the Mona Lisa. 

I love religious icons, especially images of Mary. I so would have been a Marian devotee in the middle ages. 

The Islamic Art  Gallery is housed in a courtyard under an undulating gold geodome you can see from the main galleries.