Artist of the Day: Happiness - Natalie Pudalov

  Natalie Pudalov nataliepudalov
Aritst Bio:
My name is Natalie Pudalov. I'm an illustrator. I was born in 1980, in Niznii Novgorod in Russia. At a very young age drawing became my passion and I started to express on paper what I see and experience around. It was and still is in a special, my own manner. I love animals and especially dogs. I studied at “Bezalel” Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem and got my degree in Graphic Design. I also studied illustration in Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste, Stuttgart, Germany.
Bney Ayish, Israel-based artist Natalie Pudalov's etsy site has only been up for little more than a week. When I chanced across it, I recognized her distinctive and highly imaginative work, but couldn't place from where until I read her publication list. Communication Arts is where I first saw her illustrations. For me, her illustrations are a  mix between Hieronymus Bosch and Lane Smith.
To see more of Pudalov's artwork, check out her illustration website.

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