The Day in Cartoons: Mormon Posthumous Baptism Cafe - Daryl Cagle

Mormon Posthumous Baptism Cafe Daryl Cagle

Religion and politics are seriously hot button pushers for the majority of Earth's inhabitants, (so I am going to very carefully put my finger on the button without pressing down too hard).

I live in Utah, so I am smack in the epi-center of all things Mormon. A lot of practices or beliefs people who are not from here and have never heard of or imagined until watching recent news, may seem strange or inexplicable. Yes, I agree, but most practices and beliefs not your own or the dominant culture's are strange and inexplicable, if you really think about it.

But here is where practices and beliefs head into territory not even angels should tread: appropriating religion and/or identity, especially when an entire population is persecuted for that religion and/or identity.

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