Artist of the Day: Movie Cats - Jamie Shelman

Movie Cats Jamie Shelman

Artist Jamie Shelman's drawing, Movie Cats, reminds me of my daughter and myself at the movies.

One of the best, and only venues for independent film is SLC's Broadway Center Cinemas & Tower Theater. Last weekend we saw two excellent, thought-provoking films: The Descendants and A Separation.

Artist Bio:
"Brevity is the essence of wit."

We graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 and have studied around the world from Rome to Australia to St. Petersburg Russia and Paris, France but more importantly we love the thought that our work can make someone happy even if just for a moment and possibly redirect their day or their lives in a positive direction. Tom and I, regardless of the black realities of the world that surrounds us, never pass thru a day without finding something ridiculous enough to make us laugh to the point of tears. As your art doctors we would like to prescribe a dose of this levity to you! From haute couture to bloated cats our medicine cabinet has just what you need! We are the cure all snake oil of the modern world! :D Jamie and Tom

Jamie draws the cats, Tom makes the fashion portraits- Tom recently opened his own etsy shop check it out here!

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