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Postcard From The Shore &

Artist Bio:
My art, whether expressed through my photography, mixed media painting, or digital collage is inspired by beauty and nature. My images serve as a visual journal where I explore my feelings and the world around me.
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This photograph takes me back to all the times I've stood speechless on the shoreline. I think I'll write a postcard to the Pacific Ocean, using word imagery and salmon to express how this photo makes me feel.

Postcard to the Sea

Dear Sea,

deep endless waters a murky turquoise
syllables float just below the surface
harsh seagull cries accompany crashing waves
curled white words crest the surface
like salmon thrusting homeward
with pink mouths forming and unforming
sentences cling to slick bodies
hungry fish slice towards the shore
paragraphs glide on their backs
waters advance and retreat lapping the shoreline
caressing the small pebbles beneath


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