Artist of the Day: Paper Necklace and Bracelet - Dorisse

Set of Necklace and Bracelet made of Book pages Dorisse

The sculptural texture and form of Munich-based artist Dorisse's jewelry reminds me of pieces I've seen made of mica. I love that she uses old books to create her jewelry and art.

Artist Bio:
My name is Doris, friends call me Dorisse, and that is also my artist name. I am 45 years old, German, I live in the south of Germany with my 6 year old daughter.

Creating things is my live. Whithout doing that I could not exist. I am a creator, an artist, and I am really bad in selling or promoting myself.
The first sale I made on the age of 13 (32 years ago). Classmates bought my bead jewelry. I studied art history on the University and I have the title "Magister Artium" (Master of art). In 1988 I took my trade license for artists. I sold most of my items by word-of-mouth-recommendation

When I was in Italy for a scholarship in 1991, italians could not pronounce my name correctly. They did not say Doris, It sounded like Dorisse. Soon my nickname was Dorisse, and so it is also my pseudonym as an artist.

I had a cool studio with a nice saleroom downtown until the birth of my daughter (nearly 5 years ago). And just now I discovered the Internet, so my Internet shop exists only since a couple of months.

Now I have a wonderful, really large studio that is in the mansard. There are different "corners" for the different works. Actually: two big Tables for the porcelain work, a little one for the jewelry, and there is the place for the easel. Also my computer place is here. You nearly cannot see the walls, because they are full with bookshelfs. Normally I am working in the nighttime, when my daughter is sleeping, listening to audio books. In summer time I love to work in the garden.

As an art historian I am very influenced be fine art. Paintings, sculpture, architecture. But not only, Often I see something, and I get just an intensive feeling. That can be certain colour combinations, or structures ( in the nature, in fotos, fabrics, fashion, materials...)

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