The Day in Cartoons: Davida and Goliathphant - Bill Day

Davida and Goliathphant Bill Day

53 percent of the population may appear like a minority, to some.

Better duck!

fyi: I googled "GOP and women", and these were the first articles:

Chicago Tribune - Woman troubles: The GOP's bizarre quarrel with reality

The New Yorker - Has Limbaugh Identified the G.O.P.’s Woman Problem?

Huffington Post - Fighting the GOP War on Women From the States

The New York Times - Centrist Women Tell of Disenchantment

Emily's List - Tell the GOP to leave women's health care to women!

Fox News - Yes, there is a Republican war on women voters(if Fox News acknowledges the GOP's issue with women, well, it's bigger than we think)

The Daily Beast - Senate Dems and Republicans Square Off Over New Violence Against Women Act

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