Artist of the Day: Sea Woman - Carlos C. Lainez

Sea Woman Carlos C. Lainez &

I've been dreaming of fish lately, and for whatever reason, I've also been thinking of Marie Antoinette, so this witty drawing by Carlos c. Lainez, illustrates both thoughts.

I've always wanted to live by the ocean, but the reality is, I've lived here so long, next to a salty sea -- where only brine shrimp can thrive, good thing since they are the dietary staple of the largest migratory bird population in the world-- that I would probably long for the desert.

Artist Bio:
Hello, welcome to The Smoking Cat shop. In this store you can find collective work of Carlos C. Lainez, Carmen Guerrero and Antonio Crespo.

We love the illustration, painting, drawing and engraving. We also like the illustrated books. Sometimes the pictures write beautiful stories. Further, the words of a book may be the most beautiful illustrations.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you like our work and enjoy them.

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