Artist of the Day: Utah Birds and Blooms of the Fifty States - Mara Murphy and Anna Branning

Utah Birds and Blooms of the Fifty States Mara Murphy and Anna Branning

San Francisco's Mara Murphy and Anna Branning are the talented artists of Dutch Door.

I love the duo's state bird and bloom series, and the quilt block/ family crest/ coat of arms design.

Utah's seagull and sego lily are represented well.

Seagulls are famous in Zion, (also known as Deseret or Utah), for saving the early Mormon settler's from crickets. Yes, crickets.

long story short: The Mormon's early crops were plagued by a hoard of hungry crickets. The pioneers prayed and prayed. Suddenly, the sky was filled seagulls, the birds fell upon the crickets and ate them all. The crops were saved. The seagull became the state bird.

Artist Bio:
what's behind the dutch door?

two friends, two antique printing presses, a bunch of ink and a whole lot of paper.

mara murphy and anna branning, friends and co-workers for many years established dutch door press, a design & letterpress studio, in 2006 in a beautiful victorian house in san francisco. we named our press after the entryway to our studio- none other than a dutch door.

with an affinity for rich color, vintage patterns, natural forms and symmetry we create unique and boldly colored designs for our greeting cards, posters, and invitations. all of our designs are printed by hand on our antique chandler & price platen press or our equally lovely vandercook simple precision 15 proofing press.

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