Artist of the Day: Pocket Manfriend Ray - Nicola Rowlands

Pocket Manfriend Ray Nicola Rowlands

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Thank all the gods for Manchester England based artist Nicola Rowlands for her brilliant cards and wee folk, which have infused the day with humor and cheered me out of my stormy cloud. I love them!

I like the idea of carrying a manfriend around in my pocket, (or handbag since my skirts and dresses rarely have pockets).

It's really hard to believe it's the 21st Century and that women are 53 percent of the population, with all the religious fellas and political fellas never ending use of women to grind their axes on, and with recent Limbaugh and Maher's double standard sexist blather. The c-word and the s-word are the last refuge of cowards. The b-word can easily be applied to both genders, and female dogs, but it's still not very nice.

It is such a relief to know I have a manfriend who doesn't want to tell me what I should do with my womb, my thoughts, or my life.

My manfriend wants to just hang out with me, have a cup of coffee, and talk, like my opinion, my thoughts and feelings matter. My manfriend wants to be my friend, not my daddy, not my lord and master, not my teacher. Just my friend. And that is best of all.

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