Writing Days: Talent - February 28, 2012

February 28, 2012

Figment Daily Theme:
What are you really good at doing/making? Explain this talent of yours in a few sentences. Then, create a character who also has this same talent. BUT, this character must be the opposite sex of you. Next, have this opposite-sex-from-you-but-same-talent-having character wake up from unconsciousness on the side of the road in an unknown location, unsure of how he/she got there.

As this character tries to figure things out, begin to create a new world that he/she is struggling to understand. How will his/her talent fit into this situation, if at all?


My Sunday School teacher Miss Winterfield always looks straight at me when she tells our class it is a sin to hide your talent under a bushel. Miss Winterfield thinks my talent is the oboe, and my refusal to perform Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf at the Merry Miss talent show, evidence I have my talent stuffed under a bushel.

She's wrong. Music isn't my real talent.

I've been playing oboe ever since I was a little kid when I found my great uncle's oboe in the attic. Uncle William died in WWI and no one else in the family played. No one in the family wanted to give it away, either. When I told my aunt, William's sister I wanted to learn oboe, she looked at me like she might slap me, but instead told me she'd pay for lessons. I've been playing for eight years and I go take lessons at the University in Salt Lake from a professor who also is the principal oboe in the Utah Symphony. He says I should think about a life in music.

I've never told anyone that when I found my uncle's oboe, I also found his letters. From the stories his sister and my grandfather tell, I can tell no one ever knew him.

I think if he had lived, even though he would be old, we would be friends.

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