Artist of the Day: The Annunciation - Sonia Pulido

The Annunciation Sonia Pulido

El Masnou, Spain artist Sonia Pulido's witty interpretation of Fra Angelico's The Annunciation, which features a bikini clad Madonna, acknowledges that all art is derivative. (Perhaps Madonna, of the Ciccone, should remember this and smile from her tower at her acolyte Gaga, instead of behaving as though she sprang fully formed from Zeus' forehead). Excuse me as mix my metaphors.

For more of Pulido's art click the links below. Be certain to visit her bilingual blog(in both Spanish and English), soniapulido.blogspot.

La Boxeadora
Sopa de letras

Artist Bio:
I work and live in El Masnou, a small town on the Mediterranean coast northeast of Barcelona, Spain. I am especially fascinated by the visual language and the aesthetics of the 50's, the pin-ups, cinema, symbolism, and mythology, romance novels of the 60's, Romanesque art, the attention to detail in scientific illustration of the 17th and 18th century...

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