An Anti-Valentine for Henry VIII from His Wives

On this date in 1531, Henry VIII was recognized as the supreme head of the Church of England.
Backstory? Long story short: Henry wanted to rid himself of Queen Katherine, and marry Anne. The Pope refused a divorce or annulment. Henry always got what he wanted, so he broke with Rome. The Pope excommunicated Henry. He didn't care. He divorced Katherine, and married Anne. This worked out very well for Henry. It didn't work out so well for Anne, or for that matter, any of his six wives. Being the wife of King Henry VIII was hardly a walk in the park.

In honor of this day in Tudor history, Valentine's, and the law of karma:

Dear Henry,

We feel an apology is long overdue.

Katherine of Aragon
Anne Boleyn
Jane Seymour
Anne of Cleaves
Catherine Howard
Katherine Parr

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