Writing Days: Insult - February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012

Figment Daily Theme:
On occasion, we all accidentally say something stupid/awkward/insulting enough that we replay the offending conversation in our heads again and again, agonizing over our own doltishness. Write about a character who is currently being plagued by the recurring embarrassment of such an incident. (Or if you’d rather, write about your own experience trying to get over a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease.)


I'm a member of the weeding.

Who says such a thing? especially followed by, Jacob there is the farmer, and his little overgrown bride, the weed.

Followed by the standard prognostication of the bitter and disillusioned, I give them six months. Eight. Tops. Want to lay bets?

Who says such a thing?

Apparently, I do, right into the karaoke microphone,after three champagne toasts, two shots, and one Xanex.

Brilliant! Mature! You're PhD in Ethics really sheared the rough edges off of you. God, I behaved like that character from that ridiculous Julia Roberts' movie. What business is it of mine that she wore a celery-colored green sash? Or that the guests were actually expected to sing K.C. and the Sunshine Band? Barry White? Madonna? Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant, Sara!

Note: if you're tipsy and feel the need to gamble at the expense of your best friend's future, make sure the mic is OFF!

Jacob hasn't spoken to me since.

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