Artist of the Day: Ohio 5 - Alicia Bock

Ohio 5 Alicia Bock

There's always been something a little twilight zone about being on the road, when the clouds suddenly congregate and darken the sky, and then it starts to rain, just enough to blur the edges, that makes me want to keep on going past my exit. Just keep driving and see where I end up.

Grand Rapids, Michigan artist Alicia Bock's photograph makes me want to hop in the car and keep driving.

Artist Bio:
My photography is the search of light and shadows, pretty things in pink, the feeling of the ocean, and a blue moon. I strive to create photographs that evoke memories of our favorite days.

I believe there is beauty everywhere you look. My inspiration is found in memories of my grandparents gardens, and boxes of old Polaroids. I grew up in Michigan and Florida, surrounded by water and color, and am still greatly influenced by those two environments.

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