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Artist Bio:
Art has always been a part of my life as far back as I can remember – from painting landscapes to drawing wizards. My style of painting changed over the years as I became more familiar with design composition. While at Missouri State University, I was formally trained in graphic design, as well as classic painting techniques, figure studies and sculpture. After a very long absence from the fine art world, I’m returning armed with a new energy.

Currently, the majority of my work is abstract and is greatly influenced by my background in graphic design – which led to the development of my abstract style. My work typically sets up contradicting situations where the precision form of typography is in direct opposition to the spontaneous nature of paint and torn elements. The conflicting elements illustrate an energetic and tension filled space. I tend to use strong, layered colors that can result in unexpected textures and effects. In many instances, the movement of the paint on the surface of a canvas is “captured” and frozen in time. This organic result is always in contrast to the graphic elements or design markers, I use to lead the eye through the piece. Using so many layers and elements gives the owner the opportunity to find a new visual experience each time it’s viewed.

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Jeff Fuelling
Fuelling Art Studio

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Jeff Fuelling holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. He as worked as an award-winning designer and director since 1985. Additionally, he has been recognized for his graphic design work with awards from Print and Graphic Design USA magazines.

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