Artist of the Day: Made in Italy - Janet Hill

Made in Italy Janet Hill

Janet Hill's paintings elevate the ordinary, the every day, to a sophisticated mix of retro and modern tableau.

Artist Bio:
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My sophomore year of college, my parents took the family on a trip to Mexico. I packed a few clothes: shorts, tank tops, sundresses, swimsuits, and a separate suitcase with almost every pair of shoes I owned. I refused to remove even one pair, despite my mother's protests that there wasn't enough room in the car's trunk, and her warning that I would have to carry my own luggage.

You have to understand, this was before suitcases had rollers. This was back in the day when you had to carry, or half drag your luggage, from airport baggage, to the parking lot, to the car, to your hotel room.

I took both suitcases, and lugged them myself. I still remember the strappy turquoise sandals I wore walking around the market. I have a thing for shoes.

Even now, with airline 50 pound restriction and overage fees, I have to make myself hold back when packing shoes for vacation.

I've never worn these shoes before. I created an entire orange and brown (colors I rarely, if ever, wear), outfit around them. They remind me of slippers a genji, emerging out of magic lantern, would wear.

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