Artist of the Day: Bluebird on the Wing - Sherrie Conley

Bluebird on the Wing Sherri Conley

How about all of us keep an eye out for our bluebird of happiness this weekend? Let me know if it flies into your life.

In the meantime listen to the original 1934 version sung by Jan Peerce or Gracie Field's 1948 version, or Joan Baez's own take on the song.

In case you want to sing along, here are the lyrics for the 1934 Bluebird of Happiness.

Bluebird of Happiness
Sandor Harmati.

-Introduced at Radio City Music Hall.
-Popularized by Jan Peerce.
-Best-selling record in 1948 by Art Mooney and his Orchestra.

The beggar man and his mighty king are only diff'rent in name,
For they are treated just the same by fate.
Today a smile and tomorrow tears,
We're never sure what's in store,
So learn your lesson before too late, so

Be like I, hold your head up high,
Till you find a bluebird of happiness.
You will find greater peace of mind
Knowing there's a bluebird of happiness.
And when he sings to you,
Though you're deep in blue,
You will see a ray of light creep through,
And so remember this, life is no abyss,
Somewhere there's a bluebird of happiness.

Life is sweet, tender and complete
When you find the bluebird of happiness.
You will find perfect peace of mind
When you find the bluebird of happiness.
Two hearts that beat as one,
'Neath a new found sun,
We are in a world that's just begun,
And you must sing his song, as you go along,
When you find the bluebird of happiness.

Artist Bio:
Hi, I'm Sherri and I'm a fine art photographer in Richmond, Virgina. I've worked with many photographic techniques including hand-coloring, TTV, and infrared photography. I love "playing" with in-camera techniques and creating photo-montages.

Photography is my passion! I hope that my images will evoke a mood or response in you, much like the one I experienced when I created it.

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