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Pink Magnolia II Ingrid idni·idniama

Every day I search my yard and surrounding neighborhood flower beds for signs of even one courageous bud that has broken through the hard winter crust. Nothing. Yet.

About five years ago I tried to grow a magnolia bush, despite the fact that Utah is a desert, subject to zero humidity. Or perhaps, in spite of that fact. I planted the magnolia exactly to instructions: x inches deep, water ball installed, and near the house on the west side. The magnolia blossoms were bright fuschia. My favorite color, next to red.

I had great plans for my magnolia. It bloomed beautifully for a week, then the blooms wilted and fell off all at once. The branches withered to a desiccated husk a few days later. Nothing I did could save it. I didn't pull the roots out until the following spring when it was absolutely evident that that bush wouldn't somehow miraculously come back to life and bloom.

I've thought of picking up another magnolia and keeping it inside, but decided that taking the life of another magnolia into my hands is a risk a plant shouldn't have to take.

Ingrid's photograph makes me want to try again. I'll just soak up the succulent pink bloom here and give my plant karma a rest, instead.

Artist Bio:Welcome to my photography shop!!

My name is Ingrid and I live in a town near Barcelona.
I love photography, I found it a nice way to express feelings and emotions. I like to highlight the details of things.

I hope you enjoy your visit in my shop. I take this opportunity to invite you to come in my other Etsy shop.

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