Triple Dragon Friday the Thirteenth Wish List: Vintage and Handmade Gifts

According to Chinese astrology and astrologist Susan Levitt, Friday the 13th is a very fortunate day that brings opportunities for inspiration, action, and change. This is a powerful triple-Dragon day, when luck is increased threefold: a Dragon day, in Dragon month, during Dragon year 2012.

Chinese dragon Wall Decal sorayalopez

Chinese Dragon Henley Cotton Hoodie Gofb Clothing

Handmade Chinese Dragon Pendant Mandy Hollowell

Organic Red Dragon Spice Tea Dragon Spirit Botanicals

Tatsuo Dragon Teapot Kazem Arshi


  1. Thank you for posting a picture of my dragon , it sold along with 2 other dragons to someone who googled "triple luck dragon", as this is the first site I have come across whilst googling it myself I can only presume you are the source of my good fortune. Thank you again Mandy Hollowell

  2. You are welcome! I am glad to have found your site and artwork on etsy.