Artist of the Day: Ghost Train I - Back Road Mile Photography

Ghost Train I backroadmile

Artist Bio:
I have always had a love of photography and using cameras to capture beautiful pictures in a creative way. My only formal training in photography was back in college when I had the opportunity to take two courses in black & white. My favorite part of the photographic process was developing the prints in the darkroom and seeing the outcome. Of course, this was about 10 years ago when film was more popular than digital. I always said that I would never embrace digital photography and stay true to film photography, but I must now admit that I have turned on my word, and found a new joy in digital photography. I absolutely love it, and now present to you my latest creative journey.

My ghost train is not tied to the past, but the future. For the last few years I've been packing lugguage in my dreams. This past weekend I got on the train, in reality.

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