Artist of the Day: Border Collie Brewery - Stephen Fowler

Border Collie Brewery  Stephen Fowler  geministudio
Artist Bio:I am a designer/illustrator. After spending 5 years in Chicago, I have found myself dividing my time between the windy city and my hometown of Perrysburg, Ohio. A graphic designer by trade, my current work explores my fascination with big graphic artwork, vintage/urban design, and advertising posters. Gemini Studio was founded in 1998 and began as a handmade greeting card company, Gemini Studio Art now encompasses a wide variety of media including graphic design, photography and illustration. Check out
I write about my old dog Ellie in my This Moment posts, a lot. She's a border collie, blue healer mix, and I think Fowler's illustration captures her exuberance and her endless optimism.

When my daughter was little, we used to go to the local pound on the weekends. That's where we found Ellie. I was looking for a small shi-shi dog, like a pug, shar pei, shih tzu. My daughter didn't care the size or breed, she just wanted a dog.

The second she saw Ellie and Ellie saw her, that was it. It was love. I wasn't so sure. Her right ear had a bite taken out of it. She jumped all over me, she seemed timid and enthusiastic and needy.  But, she was sweet-tempered. Then, the handler laid a heavy on us: Ellie was going to be put down the next day if she wasn't adopted. I knew it was a lie, but my daughter didn't. Of course we adopted her.
Her days of jumping five feet over fences and running at break neck speed beside my bike, are over. She's still my walking companion, although she needs a pain pill afterwards. She's still enthusiastic, and needy. In her old age, she has developed a temper, especially when the small dog pesters her. But her bark is much worse than her bite.

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