Watch the video - All I Can Chapter 5: Imagination

This line from Mary Oliver's poem Wild Geese, has served as my lifeline ever since I read it: the world offers itself to your imagination

The world is always ready to inspire. All you have to do is be present

I've watched J P Clair's All I Can video at least twenty times in the last two weeks, and every time I am delighted to discover something I hadn't noticed before.

Life is like that. It's your life. You are the one living it every day, but so much of the nuance, the subtle beauty, and innumerable, irreplaceable moments escape our attention because the focus is on the task. We're all so busy doing, rather than being.

Most of us let our imaginations out to play only on the weekends, or while on vacation.

Why wait?

Here are just a few ideas to kick start your imagination:
Doodle at your next meeting.
Cloud watch.
Daydream your heart out.
Listen to the wind.
Watch the sun set.
Lie on the grass and give yourself a roll, or two.
Wear color.
Eat something new.
Play with your food.
Give yourself the imaginary friend you always wished you had when you were a child.
Wear a hat.
Adopt the spider in the corner window of your office.
Keep a plant alive.
Pretend you are famous for a day.
Sing in the car all the way home from work.
Climb a tree.
Spend at least fifteen minutes outside, every day.
Watch a bird in its natural habitat.
Listen to music you hate.
Write a thank you letter to someone you don't know.
Be fully present and alive for at least five minutes, every day.

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