Song of the Day: Overdrawn - White Sea


I was introduced to the band White Sea last night watching HBO's Girls.

You couldn't pay me to be twenty-four again.

I completely agree. (In case you didn't catch the episode last night, that line is lifted directly).

I have no desire to go back to the who am I, is this really my life?, you seriously have to pay for lights and water?, do I buy shoes or pay the rent?, does he like me?, why isn't he calling?,  I am never gettting married, why am I not married?,  I am so going to be a barren spinster for real, where's the ice cream?, I wonder how many calories are in rocky road whipped cream sundae, I'll run up and down the stair ten times to work it off, do I look fat in these jeans?, state of chaos that is the twenties.

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