Artist of the Day: Don't Stop Believing - Ginger Oliphant

Don't Stop Believing

I have a lot to learn from my dogs. If they want something, they will find a way to make it happen.

You will have to stop by Oliphant's etsy shop. It's a good start for the weekend.

Artist Bio:
I love bright colors, inspirational and funny quotes, laughing, giving and creating! I have always loved crafting, designing and learning new things. At work I am a graphic designer, web designer and office manager. At home, it's designing, walking, Zumba, reading & spending time with my husband with occasional dog sitting weeks (where I take advantage of free modeling for payments of food, kisses and hugs). Whatever I am creating, I throw myself into it and enjoy what I am doing. I have an incredibly supportive husband who understands that I sometimes forget that there is laundry to do (fortunately he is very good at it). - Life is good.{Ginger}

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