Spring Garden

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Isn't this Thai basil lovely? I can smell it just looking at the photo. I can 't believe I've never taken photos of my garden. I will this year. I wish I had a photo of that sweet first head of butter lettuce. It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Every year I plant a wide variety of basil. I'm adding red osmin, anise, lettuce leaf, and dark opal basil. I'm looking forward to planting a variety of heirloom tomatoes, my favorite baby Thai chilies, and especially chocolate and purple peppers.

My plan is to have a designated 5 ft row for each garden: Mexican, Thai, Italian, Greek, and Indian.

These are the magazines and books I am looking to for inspiration for my garden:
Sunset Easy Edible Garden
The Accidental Vegetarian
The Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden
The Book Club Cookbook
The Best of Vietnamese & Thai Cooking
Mesa Mexicana
Hot Italian Dish

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