Rio Arm Chair  Mariana Schechter

Artist Bio:Mariana Schechter's Ecologica is sustainablity and craftsmanship combined to create completely unique home furnishings. At Ecologica, a chair is not just a chair. Each piece of Ecologica is a patchwork of the past. Each creation, a collage.What may have been wrongfully dismissed as debris now lives on as well-designed functional furniture, created with integrity. Every article of Ecologica holds a past, and a future.

Malibu-based artist Mariana Schechter's repurposed furniture and home accessories are perfect for this Earth Day weekend.

Update 4/24: The Etsy Blog - Featured Seller: Ecologica Malibu
There has been a lot of interest and controversy about this artist/craftmen/business, so I have provided a link to the Editor's Note from the official etsy site.

Updating the Update 4/28: Etsy
Due to continued interest in this post, I have provided a link from the official etsy site.


  1. She's also a fraud. She uses a company called All From Boats for her products. What a joke.

    Anyone can go directly to the company and purchase these items she claims to so lovingly create. How pathetic.


    She apparently doesn't even take her own pics, but uses the site catalog for her shops.

    So let's give the folks at All From Boats credit for this interesting furniture.

  3. There is absolutely nothing ecological nor environmentally friendly about shipping furniture from the other side of the planet. The fossil fuels used in shipping outweighs any slight benefit of reusing old wood. In addition, marine paint in Indonesia can contain powerful toxins such as tributyltin, lead, phosphate, toxic copper compounds and toxic zinc compounds.

    There is nothing ecological about this furniture!

  4. Looks like the shop etsy made an on site investigation and Mariana Schechter is the artist/designer that created all the pieces available on her website and for sale


    This includes Bills of Lading for her IMPOR TED furniture that she does NOT make. She may design a couple of pieces, but pay attention to the email from the importer. See her "handmade" (though not by her, by Indonesian workers in Indonesia) on

    She has an excellent person writing her story behind the furniture and it hits the buzzwords and tugs the emotional strings of anyone interested in true ecologically-responsible products. That is, until you know the truth.