Artist of the Day: Honesty is More Important than Harmony - Polly Becker

Honesty is More Important than Harmony, Diablo Magazine Polly Becker

I really don't know that I believe honesty is more important than harmony. The truth can be brutal. It can maim. Is it really necessary to tell every single detail that grates on your one nerve? Would you recount every petty detail of your grievances to your friends, spouse, children and expect the relationship to go on as before? Do you really want to know every last detail why your coworker or ex thinks about you? No. Ignorance can be bliss.

I have been a fan of Becker's assemblages ever since I first came upon her work in Time Magazine. Her work has inspired my own.

Artist Bio:
Polly Becker is an editorial illustrator who works in assemblage: highly-crafted, doll-like figures combining found objects, photographs, and a variety of aged materials, with a focus on the craft of connections and assembly.

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