Artist of the Day: White Spring Blossoms - Sue First Light Photo

White Spring Blossoms Sue &

Spring flipped the on switch and nearly every tree and bush is blossoming. The seasons reflect my state of being; today is bright blue sky framed with white apple blossoms, and pink flowering cherry accents.

I hope your world is in blossom, and if it's not, that you make it so.

Artist Bio:
I’ve lived in Elgin, IL all my life. I started my shop here on Etsy after losing my job. I decided to move on and turn that loss into a positive and do what I love. I have been having a wonderful time taking pictures everywhere I go.

I offer beautiful imagery bringing the power of simplicity in the world to the walls of your home or workplace. Unique vision and post processing are created with love of the photographic art. I have an affinity for old barns, antiques, buildings with lots of texture, my Illinois countryside, and the flowers in my garden.

You can also find me here:

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