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Local meteorologists have been threatening high wind and snow, so I've been "seizing the day" all week in regards to weeding and raking my yard. Even though I HATE weeds, I have to admire their survival in the face of serious hostility, their stubborn root system, their inability to be killed. I raked a pile as high as me today. I am tall. I now have innumerable calluses and splinters. I cursed a lot and I do not regret one word.

What I know for sure is that those little blankety-blanks are out there in my flower beds regrouping, revising strategies, laughing at me and my weak attempts to eradicate them. They will be back.

In any case, my place is starting to look like someone, (other than a hermit that never ventures out), lives here.

Tomorrow just may be a day when I choose not to seize the day or anything other than my keyboard or the remote. Or a chocolate-covered coconut treat.

When you hear the phrase Carpe Diem, more than likely you think of Robin William's character in Dead Poet's Society. I think of the sad sack protagonist from Saul Bellow's novel pleading, "what about the milk of human kindness." I read the book when I was eighteen, so I should probably read it again, especially since I used to be very naive and extremely tender hearted. Satire and irony seemed mean.

Eons later, my heart has a ecto-skeleton that would provoke envy in any crustacean. I'd lay bets I could read that book with a smirk. Maybe not.

If you haven't read Bellow's Seize the Day, check it out from your local library.

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