Artist of the Day: Seven Train Coming - Gary Phillip Russo

Seven Train Coming  Gary Phillip Russo TaoSorrento
Artist Bio: I am a New York City photographer but I was born and raised across the river, not the East but the Hudson, in Jersey City, and played along railroad tracks as a kid. It was a industrial city in economic despair. It was for the most part not a pretty town. I spent my summers at the Jersey Shore in a house with out hot water or a telephone, it was a small house that my family shared with cousins; at any given time durning the summer months 10 to 20 kids could be found sleeping under its' roof. My childhood was a strange mixture of a grimy city and the beautiful waters of a coastal land. I tried to express these roots in my photography. A mixture of the urban and the rural; pictures of a city that at times is not so pretty, but where deep profound beauty can be felt and sometimes expressed visually, pictures of the patches of nature that exist within and on the fringes of that city, pictures where one can escape to for brief moments.

New York based Gary Phillip Russo's photographs feel like documentary photography. Every photograph on each of the eleven pages from his site tell an intriguing story.

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